P-shape equinox conservatory roof style

P-Shape Style Conservatory Roof

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P-Shaped Equinox Conservatory Roof

The P-shaped equinox conservatory roof is the modern way to create space and make a design statement. Contemporary and stylish, they give modern homes character. But looking good doesn’t mean it always feels good. That is why more and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of the Equinox P-shaped conservatory replacement roofing system. It is designed to complement the style of your property while offering important benefits.

This replacement roofing system seamlessly integrates a P-shaped conservatory into the rest of your home. Importantly, it also ensures you can use your space all year round.

The Equinox conservatory roof system is cost-effective and can be installed in as little as 48 hours. This is replacement roofing that keeps a P-shaped conservatory cool in the summer and warm as toast in winter. It offers excellent energy efficiency – 10 times greater than an A-rated window. Equinox P-shaped conservatory roofing delivers the following benefits:

  • Regulates the temperature to make your conservatory a comfortable space whatever the season
  • Reduces unsightly condensation
  • Limits glare
  • Lowers the impact of weather-related noise
  • Superior insulation
  • All-year round comfort
  • Reduces energy bills
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Superb weather resistance
P-Shape equinox conservatory roof
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Equinox Conservatory Roof
- Slate Style

Want to enjoy your P-Shaped conservatory 12 months of the year, day and night? The Equinox Roofing System is available in a choice of three slate styles to complement your home. Seamlessly blend your conservatory into your property and prevent the ‘stuck on’ look.

Choose from:​

  • Steel tiles
  • Composite slate tiles
  • GRP sheet slate tiles

Choice of Colours

We sell guttering and fascias to complement the style of your conservatory roof. Contact us for further information.

P-shape equinox conservatory roof colour chart
P-shape equinox conservatory roof design

Enjoy Your Conservatory
All Year Round

If your P-shaped conservatory is too hot to use in summer and freezing cold during the winter, the Equinox conservatory roof system will literally transform your home. It ensures conservatories can be used whatever the weather. It regulates the temperature inside, so you don’t have to feel the effects of extreme conditions outside. Discover comfort that lasts all year long.

The Equinox roofing system is transforming homes across the UK. Want to transform your property? Discover how Equinox can make a real difference now. For a no obligation quote, contact us today.